The British Columbia Crown Counsel Association (“Association”) was established in 1991.

The purposes of the Association are:

  1. To represent without restriction Crown Counsel in all matters of professional interest;
  2. To represent Crown Counsel in matters regarding remuneration, benefits, workplace conditions, and all other matters affecting their relationship to the employer and their ability to effectively carry out their duties;
  3. To create, promote and encourage better understanding, unity and cooperation among Members of the Association; and
  4. To participate in benevolent or charitable activities on behalf of Crown Counsel.

The members of the Association are comprised of the 450 Crown Counsel employed by the Ministry of Justice, Criminal Justice Branch, who are lawyers and act as prosecutors on behalf of the people of British Columbia. Crown Counsel are stationed across the Province of British Columbia prosecuting offences and appeals in British Columbia that arise under Canada’s Criminal Code and Provincial regulatory offences.

The Association has eight directors that are elected by its members. Directors serve for a period of one year. The Directors elect among themselves the Officers of the Association for the ensuing year. The Officers of the Association consist of the President, Secretary and Treasurer.

Since 2000, the Association has acted as the sole bargaining agent for all Crown Counsel in British Columbia; and over the years has become part of the fabric of the legal community – educating the public of who we are and what we do; and lending our voice in justice reform matters.

The Association is committed to the promotion and protection of the professional interest of its members; and working towards collective bargained agreements between the Government of the Province of British Columbia and its members.