B.C. Crown Counsel Association Shows Solidarity with Quebec Civil Lawyers (LANEQ)

Quebec Strike

I and other association presidents from across the country went to Quebec City to support the Quebec civil lawyers (LANEQ) in their strike. A rally occurred on October 27, 2016, whereby the association presidents were front and center with the LANEQ President and the Canadian Association of Crown Counsel President, who both gave passionate speeches to the 300 plus LANEQ members in attendance. Afterwards, we all marched in solidarity with the LANEQ members around the Treasury Board’s office. During the rally the BCCCA was continuously thanked by the LANEQ President and its members for supporting and being a presence at their strike. By speaking to some of the LANEQ members it was evident that we and the other associations provided a morale booster for them.

My overall experience can be described as both fascinating – walking out of the hotel to be met by over 300 lawyers carrying placards to stand up for their rights; and frightening – thinking this could very well be us in 2 ½ short years.

The planning for our 2019 bargaining begins right now – preparing for the worst and hoping for the best. In the new year you will be hearing more about such planning and for the call for volunteers to serve on various committees that the Board will be forming to deal with such matters as our benefit package, pension plan, mental health, and the organization of a potential strike.

Kevin Marks
President of the B.C. Crown Counsel Association